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Discover how editors make $75+ per hour!

Discover how photo editors earn $75+ per hour!

Sign-up to discover (step-by-step) how photo editors earn an income from home editing photos for photographers all around the world! You don't need any experience to get started — anyone can learn this skill. You have control of how much work you take on. You can easily turn this into a $3,000/month part time career or a full-time career earning $50k-$75k (USD)!

The best part: most photo editors, keep the majority if the same clients year after year! Editors make on average $75+ per hour (USD)! Discover the freedom and flexibility that comes with photo editing.

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“The Photo Editors Guide has changed my life! This course covers every base, and sets you up for success in starting a profitable photo editing business. I truly think this is the best option for anyone interested in photo editing. I’m so thankful for this course and the supportive community you gain along the way. I 10/10 recommend”

— Haylee Wukeson Photo Editing

"This course has changed my life!"



Jessica Nielson

"To say this was a blessing is an understatement!"

"This course has changed my life! Katie gives you step by step instructions of everything you need to build a profitable business as a photo editor! I love what I do and I wouldn’t be where I am without this course. I started in January and I took around two months to complete it, and now two more months after finishing the course I am now a full time photo editor booked out to the end of the year! To say this course was a blessing for my family is an understatement!"



Lindsey McGee, LM Edits

"I booked my first client within one month "

“Every aspiring photo editor should start by purchasing this course!! The amount of information and resources available to you is gold. Katie is so sweet and always willing to listen and help in any way that she can.

I know it can be scary investing in a course but trust me, this course is so worth it and it will change your life! If I wouldn’t have taken this course I can ensure you I wouldn’t have felt prepared or confident to launch my business within 2.5 months of starting the course. And on top of that, I booked my first client within a month after launching. I don’t share this to brag, I am just sharing how valuable this course is. 

I cannot thank Katie enough for taking the time to create this course and for providing a step by step process for aspiring photo editors.”




"Truly changed my life!"

The Photo Editor's Guide truly changed my life! I followed Katie on Instagram when she first mentioned she was thinking of designing a course for people to take who wanted to do this as a career. As soon as I heard this I KNEW I needed to do this. Investing in myself is a big deal but I took the leap and haven't regretted my decision even once! The course is beautifully designed and very easy to follow. Her step-by-step instructions are so well thought out and thorough and made me feel completely confident launching my business as a beginner! I've now been in business a little over 8 months and have had multiple clients. I now get to stay at home with my kiddos (the dream) and do something I love to support my family! Forever grateful for this!




"Cheers to dreams coming true!"

“Katie is the best teacher ever. Her course covers it all. I know for a fact that I would not have been able to become a profitable professional editor without this course and I have been a photographer for 10 years. The amount of knowledge in this course is insane and I often go back to watch videos over and over again! Having the Facebook group is just an added plus. So many friendships have been made and we all support each other so much. Love this new career of mine!

My dream of editing for wedding and portrait photographers began with The Photo Editor’s Guide course and a strict 5 month plan to launch. Now, this dream has started to come true! Remember that there is someone out there who knows what you want to know and having them as a mentor is the easiest straightest path you can take (even with a pandemic) Cheers to dreams coming true!”




"The Guide transformed my life!"

This guide has TRANSFORMED my life! Someone in a previous post said “the only way to fail with this course is to not do it”. AND BOY ARE THEY RIGHT! This guide is perfect for literally anyone who wants to start their own editing business. Katie has thought of everything and I cannot recommend it enough.




"It's like having your hand held"

The only way to fail with this program is to not do it. It is thorough. It is detailed. It is like having your hand held to start a photo editing business. I am forever grateful for this and the whole new set of freedoms I have gained from it for my family!"



— Monica Aguiñaga Editing

"The Guide is 100% worth the investment."

“The Guide is packed with useful information! I wanted to become a private photo editor for a while and Katie is the mentor I needed. The Photo Editor’s Guide is 100% worth the investment: what I love the most is how eloquent Katie is at explaining processes and best practices you should use and implement in the photo editing biz. During Covid-19 stay at home orders I spent time promoting my services and building relationships with photographers. It looks like it's gonna be a busy fall!

I’m excited to start this new chapter as a business owner doing something I love. Thanks Katie.”



— Nichole Pasley Photos

"I absolutely loved it!"

“I took finished this course April 2020, I absolutely loved it!!! Very simple step by step lessons with video instruction! Everything is laid out for you. You can easily be successful if you follow the lessons and of course put in the work! And Katie is there for you even after you finish! I am constantly posting in the guides group about questions that arise as I continue to grow editing business, Katie and everyone in the group is so helpful!!”




"This course struck a chord with me"

“This course struck a chord with me. As soon as I saw what was being taught, I knew this was the course for me. The community is amazingly supportive no matter what stage you are at. Truly an amazing experience!”



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