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photo editor's guide

editor's guide



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the guide + resources to launching and earning $30-$60+/hr

To the right-fit photographers — YES, this is absolutely a service that thriving + high-end wedding and portrait photographers regularly outsource on a one-on-one level, year after year.

If the idea of working from home as a private photo editor earning supplemental or full-time income is resonating with you...

Photo editing is a remote skill worth $30-$60+ per hour?


PHOTOGRAPHERS hire editors?

PHOTOGRAPHERS hire editors?

i completely hear you

You're needing flexibility, freedom, and joy in your work so you can...

Set your own schedule and have TOTAL control over the work you do who you work with

Focus on spending time at home with your family, pets, and friends while working remotely

Feel more connected, inspired, and motivated to the work you do — leaving you more fulfilled

Earn a fair, profitable wage providing a service that makes a positive impact on other small businesses

You're in the right place if...

You want an easy start without investing thousands in private coaching

You want to work with successful, reliable photographers without the guesswork

You want to create flexible income for yourself, on your terms

You're interested — even if you little to no experience in the photography industry

It's absolutely possible to make it happen with the a proven strategy and resources...

so, if
you can become an in-demand photo editor too

this is you —

so, what is the easiest + fastest way to make this happen?

▸ On-demand, lifetime access to a self paced program

▸ Lifetime access to the Private Community

▸ Organized, search friendly course interface that you can treat like a resource library — a wealth of resources at your fingertips

▸ Education and guidance from a photographer/editor with over 10 years of experience, and over 1,000 weddings delivered

Inside, you will have access to:

photo editor's guide



business-in-a-box online course & community


This is the immersive,
step-by-step course, done-for-you resource library, and community you need to earn an income with profitable photo editing.

A Photo Editor VA is a type of virtual service provider that specializes in providing custom photo editing services to portrait, wedding, and lifestyle photographers all around the world (just like the most popular wedding photographers in your local area).

This fully comprehensive course and resource library is designed to give you EXACT (no fluff) step-by-step guidance to creating a thriving, profitable, and efficient business for Photo Editor VA's at any stage and level.

The Photo Editor's Guide® course is a self-paced course designed like a roadmap + resource library — equipped with a search bar so you can quickly find and  access what you need. What's learning without support? Inside, you'll have lifetime access to a supportive Private Community.

And, what exactly is included inside?

first, what is a photo editor va?


Dive into a simple approach I've developed after editing over 1,000 weddings. It's all about keeping things fast, consistent, and, most importantly, profitable. This module is the first step in my Profitable Photo Editor System, where I'll show you an editing technique that works for any client's style.

Over 11+ Lesson Topics

module one

Video Lessons Made Easy: I've put together over 11 video lessons that break down the technical steps you need for profitable, custom photo editing in Lightroom Classic. They're bite-sized and step-by-step, so you can learn at your own pace without feeling overwhelmed.

For Newbies and Pros Alike: Whether you're just starting out with Lightroom Classic or you've been using it for years, this is the introduction you need to custom editing as a service. Even photographers and graphic designers who thought they knew it all have said they've learned some game-changing workflows and speed from these lessons.

Editing as a Custom Service: Inside, I show you how to provide customized editing that's more than just matching what's already there or relying on only "anchors". You'll learn how to understand your client's needs and deliver bespoke editing.

Hands-On Practice

What makes this service approachable: You don't need to become an expert. You can learn as you go with each client, as all photographers are unique in their own way!

Practice with Real Galleries: I'm giving you access to over 8 sample catalogs and presets from real weddings, shoots, and portrait sessions. These "practice galleries" are your playground to try out the techniques and methods I teach in the Guide.

Branding Resources (Logos, Color Palettes, and Image Asset Strategies)

Ready for a deep dive unlike any other? This isn't just about finding your ideal client; it's about discovering the unique nuances of niche style research in the photography industry (it's such a BIG industry with so many different styles to choose from). With my guidance, you'll dive into discovering which photographers are the best for you!

6+ Lessons + Topics

module two

Niche/Style/Industry Exploration: Dive into the heart of different industry style niches with me. We're not just scratching the surface; we're going deep to understand the subtleties and variations within each niche. This is where you'll discover the exact photographer clients that resonate with your style and approach.

Attract Your Dream Clients:  I'll show you how to infuse your brand with the insights gained from our niche exploration, creating a magnetic pull that's tailored specifically to the photographers you're meant to work with.

Brand Building: I'll walk you through customizing your website with real examples and demos. This is your chance to create an online presence that's a true reflection of your niche expertise and attracts clients who are looking for exactly what you offer. Discover how to establish your online brand without getting overwhelmed. With your newfound niche clarity, building a magnetic online presence will feel more intuitive and effective than ever before.

Get clear on the trends + style niches and watch your brand become a beacon for your ideal clients.

Inside you'll find a wealth of resources: Including a Logo template library, color palettes, stock photo and mood boards, strategies to finding the best stock photos, and more.

Setting the right prices is essential for feeling good about your work and ensuring you're compensated fairly. In this module, we dive into the art of pricing with confidence and clarity. We'll explore how to define your services, set your rates, and communicate your value effectively. You'll also get access to a pre-made income projection tool to help you visualize your potential earnings and make informed decisions about your pricing strategy.

3 Lessons

module three

Craft Your Pricing Strategy and Maximize Your Earnings: Learn how to create a pricing structure that reflects your worth, meets your clients' needs, and maximizes your earnings. You'll get access to a pre-made income projection tool to visualize your potential earnings and make informed decisions about your pricing strategy.

Present Your Pricing and Raise Your Rates with Confidence: Discover how to present your rates with clarity and your ideal client in mind. Learn when and how to raise your rates without losing clients, ensuring you're compensated as your skills and experience grow.

Set your pricing with intention, not guesswork. Embrace your worth and confidently showcase your value from the start.

Access done-for-you email scripts, On-Boarding forms, contract swipe copy, and more!

Module 4 simplifies client management, equipping you with a clear, easy-to-follow strategy to enhance client experiences effortlessly. I've taken the guesswork out by doing 80% of the work for you (all you have to do is copy and customize —delivering an organized collection of bite-sized lessons filled with comprehensive resources. From professional email templates and detailed contract forms to client questionnaires, everything is pre-made for seamless integration into your business.

6+ Lessons (Resource Library)

module four

Ready-to-Use Email Scripts: Access a variety of professional email templates that ensure consistent communication with minimal effort. From inquiry response to on-boarding to testimonial requests — it's all in there!

Service Agreement/Contract Template: Secure those luxury, long-term clients with a straightforward, adaptable contract template. On-Boarding Questionnaire: Easily collect important client information to tailor your services more effectively.

 Other Done-For-You Resources Include:

▸ On-Boarding Questionnaire

▸ Client File Instructions (Customizable Template that is already filled out and includes instructions your clients will follow)

▸ Starter Pricing and Services Guide (Customizable Canva Template)

Effortless Systems Setup: These bite sized lessons walk you through a comprehensive setup process designed to streamline every aspect of your client management. With my easy-to-follow, step-by-step system, you'll learn how to integrate all the essential elements into a cohesive system. This includes setting up invoices and payment portals for recurring client projects, and customizing client file instructions with a web published PDF (template included). As a bonus option, I've included steps to utilize automations for quick on-boarding and ongoing client management, which significantly reduces manual admin work — ensuring you spend less time on administration and more on growing your business. These tools are not just about making your starting easier; they transform the way you interact with your clients, making every step professional and polished.

With a clear understanding of the basics, you're ready to launch your services and grow at your own pace.

Dive into Module 5 for a straightforward introduction to the essentials of setting up your business, banking, and accounting.

module five

▸ Tight on time? Setting up your business officially isn't a must-do before marketing your services. You can start building your brand and marketing your services before you launch your services and take on new clients (i.e. get your ducks in a row). This module is here to help you understand the basics so that when you're ready to take that step, you'll know exactly what to do.

By the end of this module, you'll have a clear plan for finding and attracting clients who are excited to work with you, helping you land your first clients with confidence.

In Module 6, I'll show you exactly where and how to find your dream clients using niche-specific strategies and resources. This module is all about making it easy and enjoyable to connect with the people who need your services. 

6+ Lessons + Topics

module six

Uncovering Client Hotspots: Learn exactly where to find your ideal clients through a mix warm networking and exploring niche/style specific small communities. You'll learn how to identify and engage with potential clients in various settings.

From Interested to Booked: Your Guide to Winning Clients: I'll teach you how to gently or more directly offer your services to different people. You'll learn how to talk to potential clients in a way that feels natural and makes them want to work with you. you'll learn how to tailor your approach to meet the unique needs and preferences of each potential client. I'll share tips on crafting attention-grabbing email responses that pique interest and encourage further engagement. You'll also discover how to create a seamless process that smoothly transitions interested individuals into booked clients. 

 ▸ LAND Clients with Confidence: I'll help you feel confident when you're talking to potential clients, whether it's your first conversation or you're ready to book them.

Plus, I'll provide advice on conducting effective sales calls (as an option), ensuring you can answer questions and get your potential clients excited about working with you.

In the final module of this course, you'll discover how to elevate your client experience to ensure a sustainable and profitable business. This module is all about wrapping up the course with a focus on creating a service that keeps your favorite clients returning year after year.

5 Lessons + Topics

module seven

Enhancing Client Retention and Communication: Learn how to keep your clients engaged and satisfied with clear communication and effective feedback strategies. By fostering strong relationships, you'll increase the likelihood of repeat business.

Keep Your Fave Clients, Year After Year: Uncover the key elements that make your service irresistible to clients. By consiste