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work you can do from home

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It's true! Private photo editors are editing for successful, high-end wedding and portrait photographers from all around the world, and can earn $40-$60+ per hour (depending on their rates)!

Inside the new 2024 workshop, I share all about how much photo editors are charging, how often they work, and steps anyone can take to getting started in the free Intro Training — sign up to watch it now!

DISCOVER JOYFUL part-time or full-time income YOU CAN PROUDLY earn FROM home

3 Steps to Thriving as a Photo Editor or Creative VA in 2024 ▸

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Needs a human eye for detail and creative style consistency 

Does not require years of photography experience

Requires learning as you go with each client — meaning, it's more approachable for newbies to launch and grow with each client

The type of photo editing that...

work with successful, luxury wedding photographers

▸ Of course not all photographers outsource their editing, but those who do typically value their time and creativity more than the cost. They're often successful, growing their business, or looking for ways to simplify their workflow so they can focus on what is most important to them.

▸ Even though photography + editing is more approachable and easier for all now, there will always be work for photo editors that can connect within a niche, provide a valuable high-end service, and deliver.

"As long as there are a variety of successful photographers with growing and thriving businesses, there will always be a need for photo editors to outsource their entire post-production workflow to."

Does not need extensive Photoshop retouching. I've edited and delivered over 1,000 weddings WITHOUT Photoshop, using only Lightroom.

What type of photo editing & photography is this?

successful, busy
photographers need help with...

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get inspired, because you can do this too

No matter where you're in this field or journey, you'll find value in every module of this course so you can learn, improve, launch, and find your first clients as a Photo Editor VA. Heads up: usernames in private community comments are blurred for privacy, public testimonials are not.

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success stories

get inspired, because you can do this too

No matter where you're in this field or journey, you'll find value in every module of this course so you can learn, improve, launch, and find your first clients as a Photo Editor VA. Heads up: usernames in private community comments are blurred for privacy, public testimonials are not.

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Burned out wedding photographer turned photo editor & educator

hey, it's me —

Photo editing and virtual online services was something I never imagined for myself. For me, photography has always been where my heart is at. Before I became and photo editor and online educator...

I started my journey straight out of college as a wedding photographer that shot both digital and analog, quickly realizing the need for a change after years of back-to-back weekends and constant travel.

Since 2018, I've transitioned into photo editing, editing over 1,000 weddings and counting. I've been able to travel freely, work part-time with a full-time income, and sign off early every Friday. (Plus, I gained my creative freedom and personal love for photography back!)

In 2019, I started The Photo Editor's Guide®, a course and community that has open the doors of this industry that I love, guiding others to launch profitable businesses and support their families from the comfort of their homes.

Those that have learned from me have redefined their definition of success and turned their dreams into reality.

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 katie rivera

2.0 launch party 🎉  enrollment doors open ▸

it can start with photo editing, and turn into something more!

Photographers and experienced pros — is this still for you?

find meaningful, creative work you can do from home

How much can you earn? What are other ways to diversify services and skills in this industry? Start Here...

start here: free open house + workshop ▸

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"This course changed my life and is now my full-time job!"

This course has changed my life! This course covers every base, and sets you up for success in starting a profitable photo editing business.

This is now my full time job! I was making more than. my part time job after 2 months of opening my doors! ☺️

I truly think this is the best option for anyone interested in photo editing. I’m so thankful for this course and the supportive community you gain along the way. I 10/10 recommend!

Haylee wukeson

"This course changed my life! I'm now a full-time photo editor booked out..."

This course has changed my life! Katie gives you step by step instructions of everything you need to build a profitable business as a photo editor! I love what I do and I wouldn't be where I am without this course. I started in January and I took around two months to complete it, and now two more months after finishing the course I am now a full time photo editor booked out to the end of the year!

To say this course was a blessing for my family is an understatement!

jessica nielsen

"I'm not exaggerating when I say this course has had a profoundly positive impact on my life."

I don't think I can put into words just how valuable this course is. Katie is an expert in the photo editing business and her course reflects that.
She provides absolutely everything you need to get your photo editing business running, while also creating a phenomenal community that I continue to learn from.

Additionally, Katie is very genuine and giving with her time. She is usually one of the first to help in the Facebook community with advice. I'm not exaggerating when I say that this course has had a profoundly positive impact on my life.

amy lawson

"Now I get to stay at home with my kiddos"

One word: amazing! Katie's course is so detailed and thorough. She gives you everything you need to learn editing, set up your business and how to market to target clients. I have a background in graphic design so I was already a little familiar with Lightroom but I learnt so much in this course! She's tailored the lessons to beginners who've never even opened Lightroom, so don't worry if you've never done this before - it's not a problem.
also love systems and organising, so the way she shows you how to set everything up in the backend really aligns with how I work - I love it!
The best thing though is the support group. Everyone is so lovely and helpful. Katie is in there all the time. She has so much knowledge to share about the industry, it's invaluable.
I've done a lot of online courses over the years, and this is by far the best. Katie has thought of everything and I really wouldn't have been able to start this business without her. Thank you Katie! xx

bec lloyd

"I am beyond lucky and thankful for this course..."

This course changed my life! I have always known I wanted to do something creative (especially photography-related) as a career but could never find anything that really fit "me". After quitting what I thought would end up being a long-term job, I felt a bit lost., until I stumbled upon Katie's course.

 Katie really spent time putting this together and walks you through it all through videos as well as so many helpful text guides. And on top of that... you're given access to a private Facebook group of other students.

The connections I have made in this group already have altered the course of my business (in a good way). I am beyond lucky and thankful for this course. I now have the freedom and creative aspect I have always craved in a career. Highly recommend!!

kaylee brendel

"Once I was finished, I was booked fill-time with my own set of amazing photographers."

Once I finished Katie's course, I was booked full time with my own set of amazing wedding photographers around the world in a matter of months! Katie equips you with every single piece of information you need in order to be successful as a private photo editor & she is always there for any questions you have along the way!

Taking this course has helped me find purpose as a new mom and gives me the ability to be home with my son during the day. If you are looking for a creative outlet and a way to work for yourself, this is it. Thank you Katie for giving me a sense of purpose and financial stability!

cecilia kissinger

"Now I get to stay at home with my kiddos"

The Photo Editor's Guide truly changed my life! I followed Katie on Instagram when she first mentioned she was thinking of designing a course for people to take who wanted to do this as a career. As soon as I heard this I KNEW I needed to do this. Investing in myself is a big deal but I took the leap and haven't regretted my decision even once! The course is beautifully designed and very easy to follow. Her step-by-step instructions are so well thought out and thorough and made me feel completely confident launching my business as a beginner! I've now been in business a little over 8 months and have had multiple clients. I now get to stay at home with my kiddos (the dream) and do something I love to support my family! Forever grateful for this!


"I booked my 1st client within a month after launching"

Every aspiring photo editor should start by purchasing this course!! The amount of information and resources available to you is gold. Katie is so sweet and always willing to listen and help in any way that she can.

I know it can be scary investing in a course but trust me, this course is so worth it and it will change your life!! If I wouldn’t have taken this course I can ensure you I wouldn’t have felt prepared or confident to launch my business within 2.5 months of starting the course. And on top of that, I booked my first client within a month after launching. I don’t share this to brag, I am just sharing how valuable Katie and this course are.

I cannot thank Katie enough for taking the time to create this course and for providing a step by step process for aspiring photo editors.

lindsey mcgee

"I joined the Guide in January and got my first client in March!"

"I started the Guide in January and just got my first client three months later in March!! Contract signed and all! And I've got 2 more leads I'm working with next week!

Can't thank Katie enough for creating this Guide, it honestly really covers it all! To those who have just started the course or haven't launched yet; stick with it, listen closely to everything in the lessons (and rewatch if you need to), and don't give up! I'm so happy! 😭

alexia maes

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