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Side hustle $75+ per hour

Earn$75+  per hr!

Learn step-by-step how photo editors earn an income from home editing photos for photographers all around the world! You don't need any experience to get started — anyone can learn this skill. You have control of how much work you take on. You can easily turn this into a $3,000/month part time career or a full-time career earning $50k-$75k (USD)!

The best part: most photo editors, keep the majority if the same clients year after year! Editors make on average $75+ per hour (USD)! Discover the freedom and flexibility that comes with photo editing.

Wondering if this is a good fit for you? Or, how long will it take to find your first clients? All of these answers and more are available in the Quick-Start Free Training.

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How much do photo editor's make?

Instantly access the free training video to learn more about the photo editing industry!

✔ WATCH a 30 minute Q+A video chat with a Guide student that went from total newbie to booked out photo editor
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✔ Learn about my journey to $75k/year with photo editing
✔ An inside look into my 3-Phase Framework to profitable photo editing
✔ View real results and testimonials from others in our community
✔ Frequently Asked Questions: answering ALL of your questions about getting started as an online photo editor and booking your first clients!

 …and so much more helpful info to help get you started!

Are you a complete beginner? Wondering if this is a good fit for you? If you’re not sure what this business is or if you’re lost on how to get started, that’s okay! My ‘Free Training Video and Getting Started’ page will help you find out if this is for you — sign up with your email above.

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