Enneagram type one, plant based foodie,  part-time desert camper, & film obsessed photographer


Straight out of college just after getting my BFA in photography, I started my entrepreneurial journey as a wedding photographer. After several years of working back-to-back weekends out of town and constant evening shoots, I knew something needed to change (burnt out and exhausted, party of one!).

I also knew how valuable my editing skills were in the industry, and decided to try my hand as a private photo editor for other photographers.

At the time, you had to break into freelance photo editing as a previous photographer (or pay thousands for 1:1 mentoring). So, I transitioned into editing — and made a ton of mistakes along the way with a "figure it out along the way" method. My editing was slow, my backend systems were outdated/clunky, client communication was inefficient, nothing was automated (stumbling to find my way, really). Learning this way truly cost me so much time, income, and even clients — but, with each mistake I made was a chance to learn and grow. So with time, I improved and streamlined ALL of my processes and overall client experience (hello profits)!

Now, I have edited over 1,000 weddings and counting (crazy, right?)! Today, I’m able to travel freely with my time valued around $100/hr, I edit part-time with a full-time income, and sign off early every Friday!

But I’m not a one-in-a-million editing unicorn. You can absolutely do the same, and I’m handing over the exact blueprint of automated systems, speed techniques, and done-for-you tools I wish I’d had so you can do it better, faster

Hey, I'm katie rivera

I’m proud to be a resource & gateway into this industry

When I'm not traveling, I'm at our home base in Texas. I got married to my best friend of 10 years right on the Colorado River in downtown Austin (see above).

austin, tx


Having the ability to explore with our dogs while working is essential to my idea of travel! From the Grand Canyon NP in AZ, to Arches NP in UT, to mountain hikes in Idaho's National Forests, our pups have seen it all.

camping with our dogs


I don't wait for a vacation to travel. When you work remotely, why not work and travel whenever you can? I traveled the U.S. for a full year while supporting myself with photo editing income. Work to live instead of the other way around, amiright?



my favorite things:



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