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Are you burnt out yet? Almost running on empty? Or, do you feel trapped in your current career?

During the thick of my wedding photography business, this was my life —Wedding/shoot locations ruled my schedule; every weekend and most evenings were booked.

Even though I had created a successful photography business, I simply knew that type of business wasn’t for me.

If you’re where I was, I bet you’re ready for more freedom and much more down time. I wanted to spend more time at home and with my family.

In today’s post, I’ll share the top 5 reasons why I switched to private photo editing and quit my previous full-time business.

1. Work From Anywhere

Let’s be real, being able to work remotely from home or anywhere is a dream come true for many. Whether you’re interested in becoming an online photo editor as a side hustle or if you’d like to go into it full-time, this service-based business’s best perk is being able to do an edit job start to finish in your PJs.

I’m a huge fan of flexibility.

I have a fiancé and two dogs that are my life. We like to go on adventures, and having a flexible work-from-home job that I can schedule around my life and not the other way around is life-changing.

2. Low Operational Costs

Running a traveling wedding photography business is costly. From film, equipment upkeep, digital equipment upkeep, assistant shooters, travel, lodging, meals, shipping — one year I spent $28k on expenses on my photography business.

Online private photo editing does not even compare! Since editors are sharing everything digitally, and necessary tool & resources are minimal, the monthly costs are minimal too. The monthly bills for my business are under $150, and most of that is the cost of internet! What?!

Editors need:

  • A laptop or desktop computer

  • Access to High Speed Internet

  • Cloud Sharing for Exchanging Files

  • Software Subscription to Adobe Lightroom

  • Website

That’s a really low startup and overhead. If you have a laptop or desktop, which is essential for any online business, you’re pretty much already on your way!


I cover all of this and more on the Free Training Page! Sign-up for instant access.

3. Editing is a Learned Skill

If you’re worried that becoming a photo editor is too daunting or something that takes years to learn, don’t be! Learning the skills you need to be a professional photo editor is honestly fairly straightforward, and something you can learn in your free time.

Like most skilled trades, the more time you spend practicing the faster you can improve and grow.

As a prior photographer, this was a fairly smooth transition — I still needed to practice and perfect editing techniques with my new clients.

4. Quality Photo Editing for Outsourcing Is In-Demand

Photographers all around the world are searching for a one on one editor relationship to invest their time and resources in. Let me repeat that — photographers from all around the world are searching for private editors.

Running a photography business involves many moving parts, and finding time for editing can prove to be difficult. Insert private photo editors! In every niche of the industry, you’ll find countless photographers that are on the hunt for an editor to outsource their photo editing to.

Private photo editors that strive to create long lasting client relationships thrive! A photographer that feels that their editor has invested their time into learning their style will mostly likely stick with that editor for years to come!

I have many loyal clients that have been with me since the very beginning, through thick and thin.

The best part — being an online business means my potential client reach is global, yet I only need around 20-25 clients to hit my editing income goal! Take a moment to think of how big that potential client pool is.

At this time, I have clients in five different countries! How cool is that?

5. Awesome Clients, Awesome Niche

I’ve been blown away by the amount of understanding and patient wedding photographers in this industry. It seems that editors and photographers connect with each other so well because both are service based businesses.

Because photographers are serviced based they can relate to their photo editors with patience and understanding. They can be very appreciate of the relationship they create with their editor. After all, they are investing in a professional relationship with an editor they trust and are grateful for.

My first year, like any new service based business, was filled with (so) much trial and error while I found my ground in my business. During that first year, my new clients were nothing but kind and understanding as I found my footing. They graciously provided feedback after jobs were completed — and I happily accepted feedback, it’s the feedback that always helps me improve my quality and services.

At the end of a busy season I’m always showered with so many grateful words from my clients!

“Thank you! I couldn’t have done this year without you!”

The clients really make the job worthwhile.

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Want to work remotely or from home as a private photo editor?

Any time is a good time to start!

How would becoming an online private photo editor change your perspective on achieving your part-time or full-time goals?

Why I Quit My Previous Job To Become a Full-time Private Photo Editor

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